Learning Anime


A full range of 3D animation software
Use Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation and Rendering software, let your imagination into reality. Maya artists can make use of a fast possessed creative toolset to present their creative ideas.

A full set of rich and diverse curriculum through the training courses you:

1. The ability to tell a story: making a good movie when you need a good story idea!!
2. The role of design capacity: from character development concept> hand-drawn shapes> 3D modeling, learning ~ hundred percent seamless integration!
3. drawing skill: Good drawing skill, keep you from character design, storyboard drawing, scene design drawing, do not have to worry about single-handedly get ~!
4. Creativity: good ideas have a good story, good characters, good scene ~
5. 3D MAYA animation software: The most important and most professional 3D MAYA animation software teaching, let you integrate with the world animation field ~