Your First Step To Learning Animation

In this site you will learn about the types of animation, what you should know when you’re considering a career in animation, and how to become a great digital artist.

This website reminds me of the quote, you can’t teach talent, but you can awaken it.

This site will help you look deep within yourself about being an artist, but also at the same time, offer practical tips on the artist occupation. More specifically the digital artist occupation.

If you know deep down in yourself that you want to draw and create your whole life, then you really should think about a career in animation. The success of animated films nowadays, from Studio Ghibli animation, to Pixar animation can really say a lot about the future of the creative arts.

They say that you can’t make money in the arts, but you can never be more wrong. In fact, betting on these line of work can really pay off if you really have the talent. But more importantly, if you have the diligence.