Becoming A Great Digital Artist

These are my top tips to becoming a great digital artist.

If you are just starting out as an artist, it is good to surround yourself with experts. Befriend them. Get to know them and learn from them. Ask them about their tips and tricks and take down notes. This is a great way to up your game AND gain a friend at the same time.

A good tip to remember as a digital artist is to stay original. The more you think about copying something, the crappier your work will be. This applies to book writers and script writers as well. A movie is more remembered for being original than for having eloquent dialogue.

Another tip to remember to become a great digital artist is to practice always. A lot of practice can take you places. Shonda Rhimes once said that to become a great writer, you should write every day. In your case, you should draw, draw, draw. Don’t just draw within your work hours, you should expand your world to outside of your work. Keep a notebook where you can draw original concept art as you go through your every day life.

When making art, it is good to remember to not put too many elements in one shot. Don’t congest your characters. Give space. This will make your drawings look more free and easy on the eyes.


Another tip to remember as an artist is that learning 3D helps in job employment. A lot more job openings require an understanding of 3D animation. So, get going.

However, you should never forget the basics. You must always remember that drawing is the core of animation. Someone once said that you can’t make a good painting from a bad drawing.

Another thing to do is to discuss your projects with other people. Go to the forums and ask for advice. This will really improve the quality of your work. In line with this, you should really think about becoming a more friendlier person. They say artists are naturally anti-social, but you’ll be surprised by the many things you can learn from being more social. Not only can you branch out your network, but you can also get advice.

As an artist, you always remember who you are as a person, then you can make your truest work of art.