Considering A Career In Animation


Animation is all about making fictional characters move using computers and other tools. If you’re considering about taking a career in animation, you should know these things.

Some animators make a lot of money. Multimedia artists and animators’ median annual wage in 2012 was about 60,000 dollars. While art and design workers make a median annual salary of about 42,000 dollars. While all other occupations earn a salary of about 34,000 dollars.

The top 10 percent of animators earn about 72,000 dollars per year. That’s enough to buy you a nice house and lot in a third world country.

If you want to find a better chance of employment in the US as an animator, you should head out to states like New York, California, Washington, Texas, and Illinois. These are the states that hire big time. Animators can also earn a lot of money in states like California, Washington, Washington DC, New York, and New Mexico.

So, what do animators do every day?

First they make animations using computers with drawings. Then they have to look up a lot of projects to make designs with the design that they want. They also have to make stories to illustrate the concepts that they want to show.

They also have to meet with clients and make animations based on their requests. Along with this is constant meetings with clients, the animation team to work and give updates.

Animators can pick the places they want to work in. They can go for being self-employed, which covers the majority of animators nowadays. Or they can opt for motion picture and video industries, the second largest chunk of where animators work.

Others go for computer systems, design, and related services. Others also go for software publishers, advertising, public relations, and related services.