Types Of Animation

There are many different types of animation. All of them have surely made a mark in our hearts. With the passage of time, different kinds of animation have been made. With each year, it seems a brand new style comes up, and animated films are getting better and more realistic.

Let’s take a look at the different types of animation.

1. Flip book animation

This is something even ordinary people can do. Drawing stick figures on the edge of your notebook is already considered animation. We used to do it when we were in middle school without knowing we would consider ourselves animators already.

2. Computer-generated animation

These are what we see on films like Shrek and Toy Story. These animation take a lot of time and energy. Each hair is animated to perfection, following the movements of the characters while considering wind direction, speed, and motion.

3. Hand-drawn animation

Examples of this type of animation is Tom and Jerry and Cinderella. You can observe that they are 2D. When you make these types of animation you don’t have to consider the parts of the body that aren’t shown on screen, because it’s 2D. In 3D animation, you really have to take note of what the other body parts are doing while the character is in motion.

4. Stop Motion Animation

This is what you see in animation like Wallace and Gromit. These kinds of animators have to go through the arduous task of pausing the shots each time. The sequence of shots can create the illusion of movement.